SITC 2017 Abstract Titles – Personalized Vaccines and Technologies/Personalized Medicine

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Nanoparticle Based Enrichment and Expansion of Self and Neo-epitope Specific CD8+ T cells in Murine Melanoma

Catherine A Bessell1, Joan Glick Bieler1, John-William Sidhom1, Jonathan P Schneck1

1Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

Tumor antigens | Neoantigens | T cell


Neoantigen identification using ATLASTM across multiple tumor types highlights limitations of prediction algorithms

Jason Dobson1, Huilei Xu1, Kyle Ferber1, Johanna Kaufmann1, Judy Jacques1, Christine McCoy1, Michael O'Keeffe1, Yana Ostrovsky1, Crystal Cabral1, Pamela Carroll1, Theresa Zhang1, Jessica Flechtner1, Wendy Broom1

1Genocea Biosciences, Cambridge, MA, USA

Cytokine | Neoantigens | T cell | Vaccine | Tumor antigens | Targeted therapy | Monocyte/Macrophage


Identification of immunogenic breast cancer neoantigens exposed by radiation therapy

Claire Lhuillier1, Nils Rudqvist1, Takahiro Yamazaki1, Tuo Zhang1, Lorenzo Galluzzi1, Sandra Demaria1

1Weill Cornell Medical College, New-York, NY, USA

Tumor antigens | Neoantigens | Checkpoint blockade | Solid tumors | Radiotherapy | Gene expression | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)


Exploiting large scale HLA peptidomics to generate novel Immunotherapies; A data-driven approach to neoantigen prioritisation

Alex S. Powlesland1, Geert P.M. Mommen1, Ricardo J. Carreira1, David Lowne1, Michael J. Cundell1, Floriana Capuano1, Bent K. Jakobsen1

1Immunocore Ltd, Abingdon, United Kingdom

Neoantigens | Proteomics | Tumor antigens | T cell | Bioinformatics | Targeted therapy | Vaccine | Adoptive immunotherapy


Computational pipeline for the PGV-001 (personalized genomic vaccine) clinical trial

Alexander Rubinsteyn1, Julia Kodysh2, Nina Bhardwaj1, Jeffrey Hammerbacher1

1Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY, USA 2Icahn School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Bioinformatics | Clinical study | Neoantigens | Vaccine


Great Apes Adenoviral vaccine encoding neoantigens synergizes with immunomodulators to cure established tumors in mice

Anna Morena D'Alise1, Gabriella Cotugno2, Guido Leoni2, Francesaca Langone2, Imma Fichera2, Maria De Lucia2, Rosa Vitale2, Adriano Leuzzi2, Elena Di Matteo2, Antonella Folgori2, Stefano Colloca2, Alfredo Nicosia2, Jonathan Zalevsky2, Elisa Scarselli2

Nouscom srl1, Nektar Therapeutics2

Neoantigens, Tumor Antigens, Cytokine, T cell, Tumor Infiltrating, Vaccine


Immunogenomics for the development of personalized T cell therapy for ovarian cancer

Muzamil Want1, Sebastiano Battaglia1, Takemasa Tsuji1, Richard Koya1 Roswell Park Cancer Institute1 Adoptive Immunotherapy, Bioinformatics, Neoantigens, Targeted therapy, Solid Tumors


In vivo self-assembled albumin/vaccine nanocomplexes for lymph-node-targeted vaccine delivery in combination cancer immunotherapy

Guizhi Zhu1, Xiaoyuan Chen1

1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Tumor antigens | Neoantigens | Checkpoint blockade | Vaccine | Immune adjuvant