Ancillary Events

Request Event Space

SITC is no longer accepting ancillary meeting requests as of Sept. 8.

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) leadership requires all organizations (commercial and non-profit) that wish to hold functions of any size or nature during a SITC meeting, SITC educational event, or SITC sponsored activity, to submit an online Ancillary Event Request Form with $100 application fee. Please submit one form per event request. 

Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and all forms must be completed and paid for by September 8, 2017 to be considered. SITC will make their best effort to notify the submitter and main contact within seven business days regarding the status of their event request. SITC will then offer the ancillary organization with an accepted event, event space options.

Please do not contact the hotel/venue before you receive event approval.

Ancillary Event Policy

Organizations must read and agree to the Ancillary Event Policy to submit an ancillary event request. The policy shall be in effect for the day prior to the start of the first educational event through the last SITC programmed activity.  For SITC 2017, this is Tuesday, November 7 through Sunday, November 12 at noon.

Suggested Event Times

Please see the Ancillary Event Policy & FAQs for suggested ancillary event times. SITC reserves the right to deny requests that compete with designated SITC leadership activities, plenary sessions, keynote addresses, SITC membership business meeting, award ceremony, presidential reception and other times as needed for the business of the society.


A $100 application fee is required to submit an Ancillary Event Request Form. SITC will invoice accepted events based on the Ancillary Event Space Fee chart below. Refunds will not be given for ancillary event cancellations after September 8, 2017.

Ancillary Event Space Rental Fee

Rate Per Day

Space Needs (Sq. Ft.)


2,000 or less


2,000 – 3,000


Other Ancillary Event Needs & Costs

The ancillary event’s organization is responsible for all costs associated with the affiliate event, which includes, but is not limited to, food and beverage, audiovisual services and hotel labor costs. These arrangements must be made directly with the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. Contact details will be provided upon event approval. SITC is not responsible for payment of any services required for the affiliate event, and the society has no authority over any service charges made by the venue.

Non-SITC Educational Events

Educational events, CME and non-CME, may be held during specified times for up to one hour. These times do not overlap with SITC events such as leadership activities, SITC educational events, plenary sessions and other events as needed for the business of the society. Please contact for more information.


Please refer to the Ancillary Event Policy & FAQs or contact SITC at (414) 271-2456 or