SITC 2017 Abstract Titles – Emerging Models and Imaging

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Multiplex three-dimensional optical mapping of tumor immune microenvironment

Steve Seung-Young1, Vytautas Bindokas2, Stephen Kron3

1University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Immune contexture | Tumor microenvironment | Biomarkers | Checkpoint blockade | Targeted therapy | Antibody | Radiotherapy | Solid Tumors | T cell | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)


Utilization of Murine Breast Cancer Models in Preclinical Immuno-Oncology Pharmacology

Dylan Daniel1, Sumithra Urs1, Kevin Guley1, David Draper1, Alden Wong1, Dan Saims1, Scott Wise1, Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin1

1MI Bioresearch, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Costimulation | Regulatory T cell (Treg) | Checkpoint blockade | Immune monitoring | MDSC | Antibody | Solid tumors | T cell


Cell Therapy - TRAcking, Circulation, & Safety (CT-TRACS): The Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI)’s New Collaborative Effort to Address the Challenges of Cell Therapies Translation

Brooke Helfer1, Charles O'Hanlon1, Patricia Murray2, Keiji Yamamoto3, Gregory Mullen4, Carla Herberts5, William Shingleton6, Lucilia Mouriès7

1Celsense, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 3BX, United Kingdom 3Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan 4King's College London, London, United Kingdom 5Medicines Evaluation Board, Netherlands, 3531 AH Utrecht, Netherlands 6GE Healthcare, Amersham, United Kingdom 7ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, Washington, DC, USA

Biomarkers | Immune monitoring | CAR T cells | NK/NK T cell | T cell | Solid tumors | Dendritic cell | MDSC | Targeted therapy


PSMA-Associated PET Imaging of CAR T Cells

IL Minn1, David Huss2, Hye-Hyun Ahn1, Tamara Chinn2, Andrew Park1, Jon Jones2, Mary Brummet1, Steven Rowe1, Polina Sysa-Shah1, Yong Du1, Hyam Levitsky2, Martin Pomper1

1Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD, USA 2Juno Therapeutics, Seattle, WA, USA

CAR T cells | Adoptive immunotherapy | Biomarkers | Immune monitoring


A dual in vivo and in silico system to model tertiary lymphoid structure formation and anti-tumor immune response in the murine tumor microenvironment

Rana Falahat1, Yohsuke Yagawa1, Mark Robertson-Tessi1, Susan L. Zhou1, Alexander Anderson1, James J. Mulé1, Adam Mailloux1

1H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL, USA

Tumor stroma | Tumor microenvironment | T cell | Solid tumors | Chemokine | B cell | Immune contexture | Dendritic cell | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | Monocyte/Macrophage


Characterizing immunotherapy-induced lymphocyte infiltration at the single patient level using CANscriptTM, an ex-vivohuman tumor model

Munisha Smalley1, Basavaraja Shanthappa1, Hans Gertje1, Mark Lawson1, Baraneedharan Ulaganathan1, Allen Thayakumar1, Laura Maciejko1, Padhma Radhakrishnan1, Aaron Goldman1

1Mitra Biotech, Woburn, MA, USA

Bioinformatics | Immune contexture | Immune tolerance | Regulatory T cell (Treg) | T cell lineages | Checkpoint blockade | Immune monitoring | T cell | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | NK/NK T cell


Immune checkpoint inhibitor responses in humanized mouse melanoma models using patient-derived xenografts.

Rajasekharan Somasundaram1, Marilda Bequiri1, Ling Li1, Meenhard Herlyn1, Meaghan Kiernan1, Kar Muthumani1, Hyeree Choi1

1The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | Checkpoint blockade | Solid tumors | T cell


Predicting pre-clinical tumour response to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy with computational modelling

Damijan Valentinuzzi1,2, Urban Simončič1,2, Katja Uršič3, Martina Vrankar3, Maruša Turk2, Robert Jeraj1,2,4

1Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2Faculty of Mathematics and Physics – University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia 3Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia 4University of Wisconsin – Madison (WI)

Checkpoint blockade | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | T cell | Antibody | Biomarkers | Solid tumors


Unravelling the immune contexture of pre-invasive lesions of the lung by multispectral imaging

Angela Vasaturo1, Celine Mascaux2, Mihaela Angelova1, Benedict Buttard1, Jean-Paul Sculier3, Jerome Galon1

1Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne Universités, Paris, France 2Aix Marseille University, APHM, Marseille, France 3Institut Jules Bordet, Centre des Tumeurs de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, Bruxelles, Belgium

Tumor microenvironment | Immune contexture | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | T cell