SITC 2017 Abstract Titles – Case Studies demonstrating exceptional responses or best practices for management of irAEs

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Durable Complete Response with PANVAC and Trastuzumab in Metastatic Triple Positive Breast Cancer (mTPBC)

Margaret Gatti-Mays1, Mahsa Mohebtash2, Ravi Madan1, Julius Strauss1, Marijo Bilusic1, Caroline Jochems1, Myrna Rauckhorst1, Elizabeth Jones3, William Dahut1, Jeffrey Schlom1, James Gulley1

1National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA 2Medstar Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA 3National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Costimulation | Immune adjuvant | Solid tumors | Chemotherapy | Clinical trial | Vaccine


Activity of Nivolumab (Opdivo®) in relapsed progressive peripheral T-cell Lymphoma-NOS (PTCL-NOS)

Philip A Haddad1, David Sommerhalder2

1Overton Brooks VAMC, Shreveport, LA, USA 2LSUHSC-S, Shreveport, LA, USA

Leukemia/Lymphoma | Checkpoint blockade | T cell


Pseudoprogression manifesting as recurrent ascities with anti-PD-1 therapy

Randy Sweis1, Yuanyuan Zha1, Russell Szmulewitz1, Lomax Pass1, Tara Chongsuwat1, Jason Luke1, Thomas Gajewski1

1University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Inflammation | Checkpoint blockade | Immune toxicity | Solid tumors | Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) | Tumor microenvironment | T cell


Malignant melanoma metastatic to the heart: exploring patient outcomes and cardiovascular complications in the era of immunotherapy

Laura Talamo1, William Grosh1

1University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

Checkpoint blockade | Targeted therapy