Abstract Categories

The following categories are available for abstract submission. Each abstract may be submitted to only one category:

Best Practices for Improving Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment Administration and Polypharmacy Management*

Biomarkers and Immune Monitoring

Cancer Vaccines

Case Studies demonstrating exceptional responses or best practices for management of irAEs*

Cellular Metabolism and Antitumor Immunity

Cellular Therapy Approaches

Clinical Trials (In Progress)

Clinical Trials (Completed)

Combination Therapy (IO/IO, IO/Standard of Care, IO/Other)

Emerging Models and Imaging

Oncogenetics and Immunogenomics

Immune Modulation, Cytokines, and Antibodies

Impact of Diet, Exercise, and/or Stress on Antitumor Immunity

irAE Management: Clinical Care and Best Practices*

Mechanisms of Efficacy or Toxicity

Mechanisms of Resistance to Immunotherapy


Patient Experience: Patient Education Regarding Immunotherapy and Side Effect Management*

Personalized Vaccines and Technologies/Personalized Medicine

Oncolytic Viruses and Intratumoral Therapies


Tumor Microenvironment (Mechanisms and Therapies)

*These categories are Physician/Nurse/Pharmacy categories however anyone with applicable abstracts who does not fit into the aforementioned demographic is welcome to submit