Frequently Asked Questions - Abstracts

Please see the below list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding abstract submissions. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact

What is the regular abstract submission deadline?

The regular abstract submission period closed at 5 p.m. PT on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

How do I submit my abstract (or late-breaking abstract application)?

To create a submission, please follow the steps in order below:

If you already have an account in CATALYST, Login.

  • You will see your submission in the middle of the page and can click on it.
  • You can also create a new submission by clicking on SUBMISSIONS on the left side
  • Then click on “Create Submission,” turquoise button on the right.

If you do not have an account in CATALYST, click on the Register tab.

  • Enter your email address, password and confirm password. Click the Sign up button.
    • An email will be sent to you.
  • Click on the turquoise button in your email labeled, “Confirm Account.”
  • A pop-up will appear stating, “Thank you for confirming your email.”
  • Click on the “Please click here to login.”
  • Login to your account.
  • Once logged in, a turquoise box will pop up at the top of your screen indicating you have created a submission.
  • Read the Information tab.
  • Please select your submission type (Regular Abstract, Young Investigator Award Abstract, or Late-Breaking Abstract (LBA) Application) from the drop down. Your selection will determine the data shown and the next fields to fill out.
  • Click “Save,” on the bottom right of your screen after you complete each tab.
  • Click on the “Publish” button on the bottom right of your screen when you are ready to submit your abstract.
For step by step instructions on how to use CATALYST click here.

Collection Technical Support

Click "Support" at the top of the site (or “Site Support” for sign in issues) to submit a support ticket.

Will there be a late-breaking submission period?

Yes. Anyone who wants to submit a late-breaking abstract needs to submit an application by Tuesday, Aug. 1 to be eligible to submit during the late-breaking abstract submission period, which is from Friday, Aug. 25 through Thursday, Sept. 14 at 5 p.m. PT.

How can I submit my late-breaking abstract?

Abstracts can only be submitted online (as noted above). In order to submit a late-breaking abstract, you needed to first submit an application by Tuesday, Aug. 1.

How many abstracts can I submit?

There is no limit to how many abstracts an author may submit.

Do you accept Trials in Progress abstracts?

We do accept Clinical Trials in Progress abstracts. Specific guidelines for these abstracts can be found by clicking here.

I failed to click ‘submit’ before the deadline. Can I still submit my abstract even though the deadline has passed?

Contact with your request. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any abstracts accepted for submission after the stated deadline will not be considered for Young Investigator Travel Awards.

Does my abstract have to be structured?

Yes, it is required within our submission system that your abstract be structured into the following categories: Background, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusions. There will be a separate area for you to insert figures and tables.

Is there an abstract submission word limit? Abstract title word limit?

The abstract body is limited to 400 words, including references, acknowledgements and trial registration. The title must not be longer than 200 characters (approximately 75 words).

What is the poster display size?

The poster display size is up to 1 meter x 1 meter (3.3 feet x 3.3 feet). The presenting author is responsible for printing of the poster, putting it up, and removal of the poster.

Is there a charge/fee to submit an abstract?

No, abstract submission is free to members and nonmembers alike.

I forgot my login information. How can I retrieve it?

Create an account on the abstract submission site. Visit the main abstract page for this information. If you are a SITC member, be aware that the abstract submission site requires different login information from the SITC website.

If you created an account on the abstract website in 2016 and have forgotten your login information, click on ‘Lost your access key?’ below the login box, and your access key will be sent to you.

Can I submit an abstract that has already been submitted or published somewhere else?

Any abstract previously accepted and/or published (by any meeting or publisher) must contain substantial new data in order to be considered. Contact if you have questions pertaining to substantial new data.

What is the abstract embargo date?

All abstracts submitted to the SITC 32nd Annual Meeting are embargoed until 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

On what date will the abstracts be published?

All abstracts submitted to the SITC 32nd Annual Meeting will be published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC), the official journal of SITC. Regular abstracts will be published on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and LBA's will be published on Dec. 7. There is no set publication time.

How can I withdraw my abstract?

Please contact to withdraw your abstract. Please reference your abstract submission ID within the email.

Can I withdraw my abstract? Can I make changes to my abstract after the deadline?

Regular Abstracts and late-breaking abstracts can be returned for editing or withdrawn prior to the deadline. However, abstracts cannot be withdrawn or edited after the abstract submission deadline has passed.

When will I be notified if my abstract was accepted for oral or poster presentation?

The submitting author will be notified via email. Regular Abstracts and Oral presentation notifications will be sent the week of Tuesday, August 22, 2017. Poster presentation notifications will be sent the week of Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017.

How can I apply for a Young Investigator Travel Award?

To apply for a Young Investigator Travel Award, you must meet all eligibility requirements and submit by the Aug. 1 deadline.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, complete all information in the ‘Young Investigator Award Abstract Submission’ during the submission process.

When will I be notified if I was selected as one of the Young Investigator Travel Award recipients?

Notifications will be sent to the submitting author via email by Aug. 14. The Presidential Award Winner will be determined following the Presidential Session on Saturday, Nov. 11, at SITC’s 32nd Annual Meeting.

I submitted an abstract. Am I now registered for the Annual Meeting?

No. Submitting an abstract for the 32nd Annual Meeting does not constitute registration for the conference. Abstract presenters must register to attend the 32nd Annual Meeting. Click here for registration information.

I am having technical difficulties with the abstract submission site. How can I get help?

Technical questions or issues with the system should be directed to the Omnipress Support Team, available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT. Visit the Omnipress website for support.

Can I submit an abstract if I am not a SITC member? If no authors are members, will this affect the submission?

SITC members and non-members alike are encouraged to submit abstracts, and SITC membership is not a requirement for submitting an abstract. However, membership is a requirement to be eligible for a Young Investigator Award. Learn more about becoming a SITC member.