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Vaccination against RhoC induces long-lasting immune responses in patients with prostate cancer: results from a phase I/II clinical trial

Peptide-based vaccination is a rational option for immunotherapy of prostate cancer. In this first-in-man phase I/II study, the authors assessed the safety, tolerability and immunological impact of a synthetic long peptide vaccine targeting Ras homolog gene family member C (RhoC) in patients...

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Long-term survival of patients with stage III colon cancer treated with VRP-CEA(6D), an alphavirus vector that increases the CD8+ effector memory T cell to Treg ratio

There remains a significant need to eliminate the risk of recurrence of resected cancers. Cancer vaccines are well tolerated and activate tumor-specific immune effectors and lead to long-term survival in some patients. The researchers hypothesized that vaccination with alphaviral replicon...

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Nanoemulsion adjuvantation strategy of tumor-associated antigen therapy rephrases mucosal and immunotherapeutic signatures following intranasal vaccination

Emulsion adjuvants are a potent tool for effective vaccination; however, the size matters on mucosal signatures and the mechanism of action following intranasal vaccination remains unclear. Here, the authors launch a mechanistic study to address how mucosal membrane interacts with nanoemulsion...