Intralesional Virtual Summit

SITC Summit on Intralesional Immunotherapy: Moving Beyond Oncolytic Viruses


Thursday, Sept. 19, 2024 - 11 a.m.–3:15 p.m. EDT

The SITC Summit on Intralesional Immunotherapy: Moving Beyond Oncolytic Viruses will highlight the current understanding of intralesional immunotherapies and their effects on the immune system and the tumor microenvironment. In situ vaccination, intralesional combination therapies, and next generation intralesional immunotherapies will also be discussed. This open-door virtual educational event will present the current state and future directions of the field and feature participation of invited stakeholders involved in intralesional immunotherapy research and development, including clinicians and researchers from academia and industry.


Summit Overview

Program Summary

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) will host the Summit on Intralesional Immunotherapy: Moving Beyond Oncolytic Viruses on Thursday, Sept. 19, from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. EDT. The virtual summit is a free, public event that features invited speakers, expert panel discussions, and attendee question and answer periods. The multi-stakeholder virtual summit will feature over 25 panelists representing academic research and industry around the world.

The SITC Summit on Intralesional Immunotherapy will highlight the latest translational and clinical research on intralesional immunotherapies and their impacts on the immune system, anti-tumor immunity, and the tumor microenvironment. Topics to be addressed at the summit include the current definitions of local immunotherapy, enhancing the effects of in situ vaccination, combining intralesional immunotherapies with other therapies, intralesional immunotherapy in the neoadjuvant setting, and high priority research areas for the field of intralesional immunotherapy.

This program will provide an up-to-date overview of current and emerging intralesional immunotherapies and their potential clinical impact. Didactic presentations and panel discussions will identify clinical and translational strategies, challenges, and opportunities in the field, highlighting intralesional immunotherapy as an important tool in the cancer immunotherapy toolbox.

Problem Statement

One unique aspect of intralesional immunotherapy, the direct injection of an immunotherapeutic agent into a tumor site, is that it generates an anti-tumor response at the tumor as well as systemic immunity, translating into long-term clinical benefit. New intralesional immunotherapies are currently in development, and early results indicate they are associated with better safety profiles and longer-term clinical benefits than oncolytic virus-based therapies. Clinical advancement of these therapies has been hampered, in part because of provider uncertainty around dosing, administration, response assessment, and regulatory issues.

Summit Goals & Objectives

The primary objective of the SITC Summit on Intralesional Immunotherapy: Moving Beyond Oncolytic Viruses is to highlight opportunities and challenges in the field of intralesional immunotherapies. Secondary goals include defining intralesional immunotherapy, exploring the effects of intralesional immunotherapies on the immune system, tumor microenvironment and anti-tumor immunity, and articulating high-priority research areas and a path forward for the field.

Program Organizers

Joshua Brody, MD

Joshua Brody, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Tanja de Gruijl, PhD

Tanja de Gruijl, PhD
Amsterdam University Medical Centers


Sara Tolaney, MD, MPH

Howard Kaufman, MD, FACS
Ankyra Therapeutics/Massachusetts General Hospital

Aurélien Marabelle, MD, PhD

Aurélien Marabelle, MD, PhD
Gustave Roussy

Summit Agenda

Intralesional Therapies Virtual Summit: Thursday, September 19, 2024  - 11 a.m.-3:15 p.m. EDT
11–11:05 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction

11:0511:20 a.m.

Oncolytic Viruses: What Have We Learned So Far?

11:2011:35 a.m.

IL Strategies in Development, Nanodelivery and Delayed Response Systems

11:3511:50 a.m.

What Qualifies as Local Immunotherapy?

11:50 a.m.12:05 p.m.

Local Immunotherapy Immune Responses

12:0512:20 p.m.

Speaker Panel Discussion and Q&A

12:2012:30 p.m.
12:301:00 p.m.

Panel 1: Enhancing in situ Vaccination Effect

1:001:30 p.m.

Panel 2: Optimal Clinical Endpoints

1:30–1:40 p.m. Break
1:402:40 p.m.

Panel 3: IL Therapy Combinations

2:403:10 p.m.

Panel 4: IL Therapies in the Neoadjuvant Setting

3:103:15 p.m. Conclusion, Next Steps and Potential Outcomes