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Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs
The SITC Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs is the society's annual meeting, primer, workshop and value summit held each fall for the purpose of bringing together clinicians, nurses, researchers and more professionals dedicated to working in the field of cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy
Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy™ is a CME- and CE-certified program for clinical oncologists, registered nurses, pharmacists and others involved in treating cancer patients with immunotherapy to learn basic immunology principles and the mechanisms and clinical applications of immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy Winter School

Collaborative Education Programs
SITC collaborates with groups toward high-quality educational programming on tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy. Through these educational partnerships, SITC can bring high quality, timely cancer immunotherapy information to learners around the world.

SITC Biotech Initiative

SITC Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit

Patient and Survivor Education and Resources

Spring Scientific

Webinars and Online Education


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