Cancer Immunotherapy Month


SITC Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ Events

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) celebrates Cancer Immunotherapy Month™ every June, promoting not only general awareness of the field of cancer immunotherapy, but also providing educational growth and professional development opportunities for clinicians, researchers and patients.

What can I do to participate in Cancer Immunotherapy Month™?


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  • Customize this flyer with why you are committed toward making the word "cure" a reality.
  • Take a selfie with your flyer and send to or tweet your selfie @sitcancer. Don’t forget your SITC swag!


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Upcoming SITC Events

Open Forum Discussions

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering invites you to attend (In-person or virtually) the 7th Annual MSK Symposium on Lymphoma . This Symposium will feature updated information on lymphoma biology, diagnosis, and ongoing efforts to translate scientific discoveries ...

  • Join a diverse group of experts and thought leaders in the fields of HCT, cellular therapies, and related medical subspecialties for the 3rd International Toxicities Symposium. Speakers will discuss current advances in the field, mechanisms of toxicities, ...

  • Hi there! I am pleased to inform you about Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy (ACI), an educational series providing focused clinical training on a specific disease state or topic. These innovative half-day programs offer in-depth instruction on ...

  • Hello! I want to share some information about SITC's career advancing program designed to foster leadership building, collaborations and scientific exchange among early career investigators who are emerging leaders in the field of cancer ...