Dr. Sruthi Ravindranathan, PhD

Emory University

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Emory University


I obtained my PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Arkansas in December 2016. My PhD research was focused on developing immunotherapeutic strategies against breast cancer progression and metastasis in murine models. It involved extensively working with mouse models of breast cancer to understand the different immune cells involved in tumor associated immunosuppression, thereby developing a strategy to reverse it. In January 2017, after graduating with my doctoral degree, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Edmund Waller in Emory University as a post-doctoral fellow. Here, I am leading a team of graduate and undergraduate students in developing immunotherapies against various solid tumors such as melanoma, pancreatic, breast and lung cancer.

My current work involves developing novel strategies to improve clinical response of several solid cancers such as cancer of the pancreas, colon, breast and lung to FDA approved immunotherapy such as checkpoint inhibitors. My research focusses on the use of small molecules and antagonists such as VIPhyb, an antagonist for vasoactive intestinal peptide, that shows promise in increasing number of tumor infiltrating T cells, when used in combination with checkpoint therapies.