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Mutational Landscapes and Immunotherapy Efficacy 

11-04-2016 12:21

Immunotherapy Biomarkers: Overcoming the Barriers Symposium - Mutational Landscapes and Immunotherapy Efficacy
April 2016
Bethesda, MD

In this slide presentation from "Immunotherapy Biomarkers: Overcoming the Barriers" Symposium in Bethesda MD in April 2016, Dr. Jianda Yuan, MD PhD (Merck Inc) describes how next-generation sequencing technologies, such as whole exome sequencing, are paving the way for precision oncology. Sequencing the whole exome has allowed for a comprehensive description of the mutational load (mutational landscape), which is valuable resource for immunotherapy, as neoantigen immunogenicity has been shown to correlate with response to treatment.

Disclaimer: Due to the rapidly-evolving field of cancer immunotherapy, some of the content on this page may be out of date. For current information from SITC on cancer immunotherapy, scroll down to view Related Entries and Links.

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Meeting: Immunotherapy Biomarkers: Overcoming the Barriers Symposium; Presentation: Mutational Landscapes and Immunotherapy Effiicacy; Presenter: Jianda Yuan, MD PhD (Merck Inc); Date: April 1, 2016