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Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Head & Neck Cancers - A Patient Resource Guide

Learning you have head and neck cancer can fell overwhelming. Give yourself time to digest the news, and then focus on learning as much as you can about your exact diagnosis. Knowing ket information will better prepare you to make well-informed decisions with your doctor. This guide, published...

2019 Immunotherapy H&N.pdf

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Treatment with checkpoint inhibitors in a metastatic colorectal cancer patient with molecular and immunohistochemical heterogeneity in MSI/dMMR status

Analysis of deficiency in DNA mismatch repair (dMMR) is currently considered a standard molecular test in all patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) for its implications in screening, prognosis and prediction of benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors. While the molecular heterogeneity of CRC...

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Designing gene panels for tumor mutational burden estimation: the need to shift from ‘correlation’ to ‘accuracy’

Tumor mutational burden (TMB) assessment is at the forefront in precision medicine. The TMB could represent a biomarker for immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) responses. Whole exome sequencing (WES) is the gold standard to derive the TMB, but targeted next-generation sequencing panels might be...

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Local and abscopal responses in advanced intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma with low TMB, MSS, pMMR and negative PD-L1 expression following combined therapy of SBRT with PD-1 blockade

Late-stage or recurrent intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) patients exhibit poor prognosis due to limited sensitivity to chemotherapy or radiotherapy and coexistence of multiple lesions. Programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) blockade provides a therapeutic opportunity for patients with high...

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Epigenetic alterations are associated with tumor mutation burden in non-small cell lung cancer

The authors profiled genomic and epigenomic data from a naïve Chinese non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cohort and investigated the association between tumor mutation burden (TMB) and DNA methylation (DNAm) to explore potential alternative/complimentary biomarkers for NSCLC immunotherapies. The...