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Predicting response to immunotherapy in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer using tumor mutational burden radiomic biomarker

Tumor mutational burden (TMB) is a significant predictor of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) efficacy. This study investigated the correlation between deep learning radiomic biomarker and TMB, including its predictive value for ICIs treatment response in patients with advanced non-small-cell...

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Comparison of commonly used solid tumor targeted gene sequencing panels for estimating tumor mutation burden shows analytical and prognostic concordance within the cancer genome atlas cohort

Tumor mutation burden (TMB) is a biomarker frequently reported by clinical laboratories, which is derived by quantifying of the number of single nucleotide or indel variants (mutations) identified by next-generation sequencing of tumors. TMB values can inform prognosis or predict the response of...

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Establishing guidelines to harmonize tumor mutational burden (TMB): in silico assessment of variation in TMB quantification across diagnostic platforms: phase I of the Friends of Cancer Research TMB

Tumor mutational burden (TMB), defined as the number of somatic mutations per megabase of interrogated genomic sequence, demonstrates predictive biomarker potential for the identification of patients with cancer most likely to respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors. TMB is optimally calculated...