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Immuno-Oncology Young Investigators' Forum

Presented by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Creative Educational Concepts, Inc. (CEC) in collaboration with the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. This program is ideally suited for North American-based junior faculty, fellows, and postdoctoral researchers (MDs, DOs,...

 04-16-2020 08:00 - 04-18-2020 20:00 CT
 Houston TX

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Temporal changes within the (bladder) tumor microenvironment that accompany the therapeutic effects of the immunocytokine NHS-IL12

While significant strides in the treatment of metastatic bladder cancer have been made with immune checkpoint inhibitors, the treatment of carcinoma in situ and non-muscle invasive, non-metastatic (superficial) human urothelial carcinoma, also termed non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC),...

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DNA damage repair gene mutations and their association with tumor immune regulatory gene expression in muscle invasive bladder cancer subtypes

Published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC), is a research article providing evidence for co-expression of multiple immune checkpoint genes including, PD-1 , PD-L1, IDO1, TIGIT, TIM-3, TGFB1, LAG3, and others, that potentially contribute to compensatory immune evasion in...