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Immune checkpoint inhibition therapy for advanced skin cancer in patients with concomitant hematological malignancy: a retrospective multicenter DeCOG study of 84 patients

Skin cancers are known for their strong immunogenicity, which may contribute to a high treatment efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI). However, a considerable proportion of patients with skin cancer is immuno-compromised by concomitant diseases. Due to their previous exclusion from...

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Evolving impact of long-term survival results on metastatic melanoma treatment

In this review, researchers describe the current treatment landscape for melanoma and discuss the long-term survival data with immunotherapies and targeted therapies, discussing how to best evaluate the value of long-term survival. It is proposed that some patients might be considered...

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Future role for adoptive T-cell therapy in checkpoint inhibitor-resistant metastatic melanoma

Personalized cell therapy targeting tumor antigens with expanded tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) has shown great promise in metastatic melanoma (MM) since the 90s. However, MM was first-in line to benefit from the wave of checkpoint inhibitors (CPI), which shifted the focus of...