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Apatinib plus camrelizumab (anti-PD1 therapy, SHR-1210) for advanced osteosarcoma (APFAO) progressing after chemotherapy: a single-arm, open-label, phase 2 trial

Results of our previous study showed high objective response but short-term activity of apatinib in advanced osteosarcoma. The authors aimed to investigate the activity of apatinib in combination with camrelizumab in patients with inoperable high-grade osteosarcoma progressing after chemotherapy...

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SITC 2018 Annual Meeting: Concurrent Session 213: Advances in Immunotherapy of Pediatric Malignancies

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) hosted "Concurrent Session 213: Advances in Immunotherapy of Pediatric Malignancies" during the SITC 2018 Annual Meeting on November 10, 2018. Available here are the presentation slides and video from the session. 33 rd Annual Meeting...

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Response to PD1 inhibition in conventional chondrosarcoma

Chondrosarcoma is one of the most common malignant bone tumors in adults. Conventional chondrosarcoma represents around 85% of all chondrosarcomas and is notoriously difficult to treat with chemotherapy. The authors describe a 67-year-old man with metastatic conventional chondrosarcoma who was...

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Characteristics and outcomes of patients with advanced sarcoma enrolled in early phase immunotherapy trials

Immunotherapies, specifically those based on immune checkpoint inhibitors, have shown promising activity in multiple tumor types. Other than mifamurtide (MEPACT®) for osteosarcoma approved by European Medicines Agency, there are no approved immunotherapies for sarcomas. The authors analyzed...