Bulgarian Scientific Society of Immuno-Oncology (BSSIO) IO365 v2 Conference

Starts:  Oct 21, 2022 10:00 (BG)
Ends:  Oct 23, 2022 14:00 (BG)

Bulgarian Scientific Society of Immuno-Oncology (BSSIO) IO365 v2 Conference: 

On behalf of Bulgarian Scientific Society of Immuno-Oncology (BNDIO) in partnership with the Bulgarian Oncological Scientific Society (BOND), we invite you to the second Immuno-Oncology "IO365"v  Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. The topics in the program will be diverse, and the emphasis will be on new indications for the application of already established immune checkpoint inhibitors, new safety signals of immunotherapy, possibilities for prediction of effectiveness, pathways to overcome resistance to immunotherapy and new agents to immunomodulate the antitumor immune response. 

Target audience and Attendance:

  • Oncologists, immunologists, radiation therapists, virologists, pathologists, internists and other specialists and specialist doctors from Bulgaria and surrounding countries (Turkey, Greece)
  • More than 200 medical specialists are expected to take part in the event 

  • Bulgarian Scientific Society of Immuno-Oncology (BNDIO)
  • Bulgarian Oncological Scientific Society (BOND)

  • The scientific conference is accredited by the Bulgarian Medical Union (BLS) and jointly with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

Please visit their website to learn more about this conference: https://immuno-oncology.bg/2022/06/16/i-o-365-v-2-21-23-october-2022/


Astoria Grand Hotel
"General Eduard I. Totleben" 8, 1606 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria