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SITC Cancer Immunotherapy Guidelines Mini Modules

By SITC Guideline News posted 03-16-2022 00:00


SITC is pleased to announce a new educational offering for the society’s clinical practice guidelines – SITC’s Cancer Immunotherapy Guidelines Mini Modules. Designed for practitioners with a desire to learn but with limited time, the Mini Modules offer important key takeaways from the evidence- and consensus-based recommendations from the SITC clinical practice guidelines. Each Mini Module is a bite-sized video roughly 10 minutes in length focused on a single topic. Featuring members of the Expert Panel who developed the clinical practice guideline, the Mini Modules and are available here for the following disease and topic areas:

SITC Acute Leukemia CPG Mini Modules

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  • CAR T Cell Therapy for ALL in Adults
  • Sequencing Therapies

SITC Breast Cancer CPG Mini Modules

  • First-Line Treatment of Metastatic TNBC
  • Toxicities and Adverse Events
  • Neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatment

SITC Hepatocellular Carcinoma CPG Mini Modules

  • Front-Line Management for Advanced HCC
  • IO-IO Therapy in Second-Line Treatment
  • Immunotherapy for HCC with Child-Pugh B Cirrhosis

SITC Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-related Adverse Events CPG Mini Modules

  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Special Patient Populations
  • Vaccines and Chronic irAEs

SITC Immune Effector Cell-related Adverse Events CPG Mini Modules

  • CRS and HLH
  • Product-specific Toxicity

SITC Lymphoma CPG Mini Modules

  • Bispecifics
  • CAR T
  • Integration with Transplant

SITC Multiple Myeloma CPG Mini Modules 

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  • CAR T and Bispecifics
  • Monoclonal Antibodies

SITC Renal Cell Carcinoma CPG Mini Modules 

  • Management of ccRCC with Large Metastatic Burden
  • Management of Toxicities
  • Regimens for Challenging Patient Populations

SITC Urothelial Cancer CPG Mini Modules

  • Immune Irritability and Management of irAEs
  • Management of High-Risk NMIBC
  • Treatment of Unresectable Bladder Cancer

SITC Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma CPG Mini Modules

  • Treatment Strategies for Recurrent/Metastatic HNSCC
  • Management of Pseudoprogression versus Unresponsive Disease
  • Immunotherapy Combinations for Oligometastatic Disease

March 16, 2022