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Nivolumab in chemotherapy-resistant cervical cancer: report of a vulvitis as a novel immune-related adverse event and molecular analysis of a persistent complete response

Treatment options for advanced cervical cancer are limited and patients experiencing recurrence after first-line cisplatin-based chemotherapy and bevacizumab have a poor prognosis. A recent phase II study in advanced cervical cancer has demonstrated a disease control rate of 68.4% with the...

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Carboplatin/paclitaxel, E7-vaccination and intravaginal CpG as tri-therapy towards efficient regression of genital HPV16 tumors

High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) are responsible for genital and oral cancers associated with the expression of the E6/E7 HPV oncogenes. Therapeutic vaccines targeting those oncogenes can only partially control tumor progression, highlighting the necessity to investigate different treatment...

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Safety and clinical activity of PD-L1 blockade in patients with aggressive recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

Pembrolizumab monotherapy has become the preferred treatment for patients with advanced non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) and a programmed cell death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) tumor proportion score (TPS) of at least 50%. However, little is known about the value of adding chemotherapy to...

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Efficacy of PD-1 blockade in cervical cancer is related to a CD8+FoxP3+CD25+ T-cell subset with operational effector functions despite high immune checkpoint levels

Cervical cancer (CxCa) is mainly a locally invading disease that metastasizes to loco-regional lymph node basins before involving distant organs in more advanced stages. Local immune potentiation of tumor-draining lymph nodes (TDLN) may thus protect against tumor progression. The authors...

SITC Session at Immunotherapy Bridge/Melanoma Bridge

Presented by Fondazione Melanoma Onlus in collaboration with the IRCCS Fondazione G. Pascale National Cancer Institute, Sidra Medical and Research Center, the Italian Association of Medical Oncology, and the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. Immunotherapy Bridge, which precedes...

 11-28-2018 | 09:15 - 12:45 CET