SITC Smalley Award 2014 Recipient

TrinchieriGiorgio%202014IM.pngGiorgio Trinchieri, MD
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Trinchieri received his medical degree from the University of Torino, Italy and was a member of the Basel Institute for Immunology in Basel, Switerzerland.  He later became an investigator at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research before joining the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, where he and his working group discovered Interleukin-12.  Dr. Trinchieri spent many years characterizing the molecular mechanisms of IL-12 production and action as well as the role of this molecule in tumor immunity, infections and autoimmunity.

Research Overview

Currently, Dr. Trinchieri serves on SITC's Development Committee and Biomarkers Taskforce and is the director of the Cancer and Inflammation Program at the National Cancer Institute where he oversees the operations of two major NCI intramural laboratories.  He has published over 250 research papers and is the co-inventor on 21 patents covering the discovery and use of cytokines and antibodies in therapy of cancer, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases.  Today, his main focus of research is in the role of inflammation, innate resistance, and immunity in carcinogenesis, cancer progression, and prevention or destruction of cancer.

(Biography as of 2014)