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SITC is so happy to be launching this initiative - see you in the community!

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We have all of the resources you need to be in the know. Visit the SITC Resource library, read through past discussions in the Cancer Immunotherapy CONNECT Open Forum or ask your own question. Not finding what you're looking for? Search the site or post the question out to the community.


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Getting Started



Cancer Immunotherapy CONNECT is source and resource for all things related to cancer immunotherapy. Have a question? Ask colleagues across the world. Join the conversation and discuss the latest issues and news.


1. Visit your profile and add a photo, biographical information and make sure your information is correct. PRO TIP: You can link your profile to your LinkedIn account to transfer over your photo and information automatically.

2. View your privacy settings to ensure they meet your preferences.

3. Using the Member Directory, search for colleagues and others around the industry to connect and grow your contact list.



1. Join in on the discussion! Post a new thread or browse current discussions for topics of interest. PRO TIP: As a good first step, post to the "Introduce Yourself" (link) thread to try it out and introduce yourself to the community

2. Explore the Cancer Immunotherapy CONNECT Resource Library, or share your own resources with others.