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As part of SITC’s strategic initiatives, the Global Access and Impact Committee works by convening stakeholders to develop strategies to overcome the challenges of science, education, policy, and infrastructure in order to promote immunotherapy utilization and access across the world. The committee represents the society when requested and develops talking points for the Board of Directors when asked. Learn more about the Global Access and Impact Committee efforts below.


Committee Outputs:

SITC Global Regulatory Summit (GRS) | View Executive Summary
Oct. 14, 2022 • Hybrid Program 

With the rapid advance of immunotherapeutic development—including checkpoint inhibitors, cellular therapies, and other
novel molecules—and the clear and emerging differences between these agents and historical chemotherapy/radiation
development, regulatory discrepancies and complexities have arisen worldwide. These issues may limit the integration of
life-saving therapies into healthcare settings across the globe. To help address this, the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer
(SITC) convened the SITC Global Regulatory Summit on October 14, 2022, with the goal of discussing worldwide barriers facing immunotherapeutic development and proposing solutions to advance patient care. To learn more about the meeting, please view the SITC Global Regulatory Summit Executive Summary.


Global Access to Cancer Immunotherapy: Closing the Gaps | View On-demand Presentations
Dec. 9–10, 2020 • Virtual Program

SITC and the Global Access and Impact Committee are pleased to convene stakeholders from around the world for the workshop, Global Access to Cancer Immunotherapy: Closing the Gaps. This closed, invite-only virtual workshop seeks to bring together immunotherapy experts from high-income countries with experts on cancer delivery and research from low- and middle-income countries to define optimal approaches to the above challenges. This workshop will focus on the scientific and implementation barriers above, rather than health economics and sustainable funding, with the belief that addressing the former will create more momentum to solve for the latter.


David Kaufman, MD, PhD

Committee Chair
David Kaufman, MD, PhD
Third Rock Ventures

"The mission of the SITC Global Access and Impact Committee is to develop strategies towards overcoming scientific, educational, policy and infrastructure barriers preventing worldwide cancer immunotherapy access. Immunotherapies are saving lives on a daily basis, and together with our volunteers and leadership, SITC is working to expand that opportunity to patients across the globe."

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