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Na2CO3 to control pH and fight COVID 19

  • 1.  Na2CO3 to control pH and fight COVID 19

    Posted 04-25-2020 18:59

    One of the triggering condition for a fusion of Coronovirus with a human cell is acidified endosome on the surface of the cell. In other words virus needs a low pH environment and thrives in it. Once the patient start experiencing some coughing and minor trouble with breathing his / her lavel of CO2 in the body is rising as the lungs have worse capacity to eliminate it. The increase of CO2 in the body leads to a decrease in pH of the body as CO2 adds acidity. This in turn give Coronvirus even better conditions for virus fusion and for a damage to human lungs and thus continue to increase a level of CO2 in the body (as the lungs get infected even more) and to increase acidity in the body ( lowering pH) . So the more CO2 in the body the higher acidity level the better virus fusion and spread and more CO2 level, etc. We observe a feedback here which lead to spiraling the development of COVID 19 quick and out of control. The patients lungs get worse and worse fast.

    As a conclusion, a suggested way of medical intervention here: first we need to observe patients (pH level) using ABG tests (or others) regularly and keep the pH factor as the main factor to control , possibly via using sodium carbonate( Na2CO3 ) as acidity reducing compound which has a low toxicity. It is understood that currently Covid 19 patients are checked for a level of Oxygen in the blood but this check is not sufficient. Even the Oxygen level in patients drop we still need to keep a hold of the pH factor in the body, keep it under control and thus slow the development of the virus. This is expected to stabilize the conditions and keep the drop of Oxygen level as less as possible to allowing the immune system to fight off the virus.

    P.S.   Also, there are few researches which showed that pH level slowly decline starting from age 17 to 80. It can suggest an explanation why children have only mostly MILD covid 19 symptoms or none. Their a bit HIGHER pH could be protecting them.


    "Effect of age on blood acid-base composition in adult humans: role of agerelated renal functional decline"

    SEBASTIAN Department of Medicine and General Clinical Research
    Center, University of California,