COVID-19 Considerations for Basic and Translational Research

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Covid 19 as a Toxin Impacting the HEMOGLOBIN

  • 1.  Covid 19 as a Toxin Impacting the HEMOGLOBIN

    Posted 05-10-2020 15:46
    According to a recent research the mechanism of Covid 19 infection looks different than widely understood so far. To some degree we can say now that virus significant impact on the body is caused by its Toxic effect on the BLOOD which is in a sequence causing significant lung damage due to its inablity circulate oxygen and CO2 and then this is causing an increased immune response. Not a virus damages the lung tissue that much but the lungs get damaged due to virus proteins ORF10, ORF3a, etc damage to the blood . Virus acts as a toxin impacting the blood. Additionally the connection to ACE2 receptor found too weak and virus should be entering the cell via a connection with Porphyrin. Few drugs are suggested there.

    The research show that Covid 19 virus non-structural protein ORF10, ORF3a, etc. are able to impact the Hemoglobin creation and during this process virus protein replace iron so hemoglobin is no longer able to transfer Oxygen and CO2 as expected. This will cause damage and inflamation to lung cell as they cannot work properly if CO2 and Oxygen not trasferred properly. Also, the research found that there is no much virus tissue found (assumed the lungs tissue)in the patients who died from Covid 19 and a lot of free iron in the body. The research found that ACE2 dependent way of virus fusion not sufficient for virus infection as ACE2 connection in this case pretty week. Virus should be able to enter cell via a connection with Porphyrin according to the research.