2021 Team Science Awardees

This award recognizes teams of scientists that have made a long-standing contribution to the field to cancer immunotherapy. The team and individuals listed below were honored as part of SITC's 36th Annual Meeting.


Sandra Demaria, MD, Silvia Formenti, MD and Team

Abraham Chachoua
Andrew Brandmaier
Sandra Demaria
Ariel E. Marciscano

Claire Lhuillier
Claire Vanpouille-Box
Encouse Golden
Erik Wennerberg
Gabor Jozsef

J Keith Dewyngaert
osephine Kang
Julie Diamond
Karsten Anderson Pilones
Laura Santambrogio
Lorenzo Galluzzi
Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff
Nasser K Altorki
Nils-Petter Rudqvist
Robert Schneider
Satoko Matsumura
Sylvia Adams
Sylvia Formenti

Vivek Mitta
Wen Shen
William H McBride
Zahid Dewan