Ancillary Events and Sponsored Symposia FAQ’s

What is an Ancillary Event?
An ancillary event is any function held adjunct to a SITC meeting by a party other than SITC. Types of ancillary events are as follows:

Advisory Board Meetings: A small gathering of corporate board members, which may also include some related experts in the field for discussion. 

Focus Group: A small gathering of people selected to participate in a moderated discussion to elicit feedback or perceptions on a specific topic or area of interest.

Hospitality Suite: A corporate or social function taking place in a hotel suite.

Investigator Meetings/Industry Updates: A closed (invitation only) meeting of participating and potential participating investigators concerning clinical trials, either in progress or proposed.

Investor Meetings: A small gathering for corporate investors.

Committee Meetings: A group of people appointed for a specific function by a larger group and typically consists of members of that group.

Hospitality Desks: SITC does not allow information/welcome desks in public spaces of the Gaylord National Convention Center and other official SITC headquarter hotels. Hospitality desks are also not permitted in lobbies of any SITC participating hotels.

Internal Corporate Business Meetings: Internal sales, business, or staff meetings limited in attendance to 30 or less, and are closed to other SITC annual meeting attendees. 

Office: A room used by corporate staff to conduct business during the meeting. Planned meetings in offices that Include meeting attendees are prohibited during the 34th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs (SITC 2019).

Social Events: Receptions, dinners, alumni events, reunions, specialty groups or other hospitality events where there is no educational/scientific program presented. These may be restricted to times not conflicting with SITC 2019.

Educational Event* – A meeting that includes educational content intended for a small, internal audience. The meeting can, but does not have to, include the option for participants to earn CME credit for attending. *Educational events, CME and non-CME, may be held during specified times for up to one hour. These times do not overlap with SITC events such as leadership activities, SITC educational events, plenary sessions, and other events as needed for the business of the Society. Please contact SITC at for more information.

What is a Sponsored Symposium?

A sponsored symposium is a CME or non-CME accredited breakfast, lunch or dinner taking place during the SITC Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs. Sponsored symposia do not overlap or conflict with SITC 2019 functions such as leadership activities, SITC educational events, plenary sessions or other events as needed for the business of the Society. Organizations involved with SITC 2019 (Sponsor, Exhibitors, and Ancillary Events) are eligible to apply for a sponsored symposium.

Do I Have to Complete a SITC Event Request Form if I Am Not Using a SITC Function Space?

All groups planning to hold an event in conjunction with SITC 2019 regardless of location are required to submit an ancillary event request  or a sponsored symposia request and must be approved by SITC prior to holding their event. Failure to notify SITC of your ancillary event could jeopardize the ability to hold future functions in conjunction with the SITC annual meeting.

What is the Deadline for Submitting an Event Request Form?

The application deadline is Sept. 6, 2019. Request forms submitted after Sept. 6, 2019 will incur a late fee. Space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to previous year’s sponsors.

What are SITC's Policies Regarding Ancillary Event & Sponsored Symposia Registration Desks?

One (1) 6 ft. draped table is permitted directly outside of the assigned meeting room with one sign no larger than 22’’x 28’’. Desks are permitted outside of the assigned space one hour before the start of the approved ancillary event, and shall not infringe upon neighboring events or public spaces. SITC management shall be the sole judge of what constitutes an orderly registration area and reserves the right to restructure. SITC meeting materials cannot be distributed at the desk. All SITC 2019 program badges and materials must be picked up by each registered individual at the SITC registration desk.

What are the Guidelines for Activities Held During a SITC Ancillary Event or Symposium?

Public activities, including media events, should not compete with the agenda or events of the SITC meeting or symposium. The nature of activity should align with the educational focus of a SITC meeting or symposium. Venues, agendas, and media coverage for ancillary activities should be conducive to scientific interchange; even for social functions, promotional tapings should be minimized and scientific themes, not entertainment activities, should predominate. Promotional activities should be tasteful, appropriate, and professional in nature.

How Does the Event Request Process Work?

An online Event Request Form should be submitted with the $100 application fee. SITC will determine whether the proposed activity appears to meet SITC standards and requirements, and will make effort to notify the applicant via e-mail within 7-10 business days if the event has been authorized. Upon authorization, SITC will release and assign space for the requested event. From that point forward, the organization should work directly with the venue to plan the event. The organization will be in charge of planning their own additional services, like catering and audiovisual, if needed.

Can I Market Products and Services at an Ancillary Event or Sponsored Symposia?

Commercial firms and other organizations may not, for example, engage in marketing activities through the use of hotel television channels, individual company distribution of marketing materials in hotels (e.g., giveaways, flyers or door drops), or the branding of beverage napkins, hotel keys, etc. At the meeting venue, marketing materials may not be offered, distributed, or displayed anywhere other than the Exhibits unless a specific prior exception has been granted by SITC.

What are SITC's Policies for Holding Press Events?

Organizations planning media events during any SITC meeting are required to coordinate with SITC’s Communications Department. With the exception of events sponsored by SITC, press events such as media briefings, news conferences, press receptions, etc. are not permitted onsite at SITC meetings. Companies may submit requests for hotel space to hold press events on meeting days; however, events must not conflict with the SITC meeting, or SITC policies.