Career Connections

Career Connections

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) Career Connections initiative connects job seekers with talent seekers in the cancer immunotherapy field. Through an enhanced year-round online platform, Career Connections serves as the go-to resource for employment opportunities in the field.

Resources for Talent Seekers

Career Connections Online Job Board

You can connect with job seekers on SITC's Career Connections Online Job Board, an interactive web-based platform, featuring:

  • Full Administrative Control – Add, update, pause and remove postings 24/7
  • Templated System – Save and recycle job postings and establish pre-screen filters
  • Pre-Screening Opportunities and Internal Messaging – Screen applicants before their interview with a questionnaire and save time communicating with automated messaging options


Get Involved 

Learn about the many more features and benefits of becoming a career connections talent seeker! Contact to learn more information.