Career Connections


Career Connections at SITC 2024

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) Career Connections initiative connects job seekers with talent seekers in the cancer immunotherapy field. Through an enhanced year-round online platform and in-person networking at the society's Annual Meeting, Career Connections serves as the go-to resource for employment opportunities in the field. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce additional information and program features!

Connect Before SITC 2024

Before November, log on to take advantage of our new Career Connections Online Job Board. Search for open positions by location, set notifications and personal preferences. Talent seekers will post their open positions and include detailed information about their company with a direct link to the application. 

Career Connections Job Board



Talent Seekers

Become a Career Connections talent seeker and connect with qualified candidates in the field of cancer immunotherapy. To explore the benefits, contact for more information on the various opportunities for support.

Features include:

  • Full Administrative Control – Add, update, pause and remove postings 24/7

  • Templated System – Save and recycle job postings and establish pre-screen filters

  • Pre-Screening Opportunities and Internal Messaging – Screen applicants before their interview with a questionnaire and save time communicating with automated messaging options