Cancer Immunotherapy Winter School — Travel Award Winners

Xue Bai, MD

Peking University Cancer Hospital

Dr. Bai received a Bachelor of Clinical Medicine from Zhejiang University and Doctor of Clinical Medicine from Peking University. She has been trained in medical oncology at both Peking University Cancer Hospital/Peking University Health Science Center and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. 

Her research focus has been on both adverse effect and efficacy of immunotherapy in advanced melanoma, particularly, the adverse effect landscapes, the impact of glucocorticoids, radiological response dynamics, and resistance to anti-PD-1 monotherapy, and the pertinent underlying mechanisms, with a specific interest in between-melanoma subtype and between-ethnicity discrepancies. Dr. Bai is the recipient of both 2020 ASCO Annual Meeting Merit Award and 2020 SITC Annual Meeting Young Investigator Award.