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Gynecologic Cancer CPG Update v1.1 Now Available

By SITC Scientific Publications News posted 06-20-2024 16:57


In accordance with the Institute of Medicine’s Standards for Developing Trustworthy Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), SITC CPGs undergo periodic evaluation to assess if new evidence necessitates modifications to recommendations, treatment algorithms, or other guideline content. This is done through our “SITC Living Guidelines” rapid update protocols designed to ensure SITC’s CPGs are up-to-date with cutting-edge thinking and incorporate the leading expert guidance in cancer immunotherapy care – a vital service to treating clinicians and those along the whole cancer care continuum.


Rapid Update v1.1 Summary
The information below provides an overview of update v1.1 to the "Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) clinical practice guideline on immunotherapy for the treatment of gynecologic cancer" published in Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).  

  • The FDA granted approval of pembrolizumab with chemoradiotherapy FIGO 2014 Stage III-IVA cervical cancer on January 12, 2024. Based on this approval, the Gynecologic Cancer CPG has been updated in the following location: "Immunotherapy for the treatment of cervical cancer - Recommended immunotherapy treatments for cervical cancer" (including Table 2).

  • The FDA granted approval of dostarlimab with carboplatin and paclitaxel, followed by single-agent dostarlimab for dMMR or MSI-H (as determined by an FDA-approved test) primary advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer on July 31, 2023. Based on this approval, the Gynecologic Cancer CPG has been updated in the following location: "Immunotherapy for the treatment of endometrial cancer - Recommended immunotherapy treatments for endometrial cancer" (including Table 3).


How to View the Living Guideline Rapid Update

Through the use of an innovative technology, rapid updates are swiftly integrated into our existing published guidelines in a clear and concise manner. An overlay system highlights affected content and provides new text reflecting the updated Expert Panel guidance as well as important supporting information, data, and references, as applicable. These rapid updates show the progression of the changes by using a version numbering system that accompanies each new posted update.

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