Immune Monitor - January 2018

A Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

This month, I wanted to update you all on some of the ways that the society fulfills its mission. As a reminder, the mission of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) is to improve cancer patient outcomes by advancing the science, development and application of cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

The SITC Annual Meeting advances the society's mission through the rapid dissemination of important research that pushes the field forward. For example, SITC member Vinod Balachandran, MD, who received the Presidential Award at SITC 2017 for his presented work identifying neoantigen factors or qualities associated with long-term survival in patients with pancreatic cancer, recently published those data across two high profile manuscripts in Nature. Juno Therapeutics, Inc. recently published important CAR T therapy guidance in Cancer Discovery, based on results also presented at SITC 2017, characterizing toxicities associated with JCAR015 therapy in adult patients with B-ALL. Also, SITC member Jason Luke, MD, FACP recently published data that he presented at SITC 2017 in Cancer Discovery concerning safety and efficacy of combination anti-PD-1 nivolumab and the investigational indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 inhibitor BMS-986205 in patients with bladder and cervical cancers. It's exciting to know that the SITC Annual Meeting provided a forum for oral presentation of these data sets. These presentations and subsequent manuscripts were further highlighted in other journals.

Another approach for accomplishing our mission, SITC is continuously working to create unique opportunities for individuals to conduct meaningful scientific exchange that lead to advances and recommendations in research and clinical care. An example of this was recently highlighted in The Washington Post. Our society's members worked for months through a multi-stakeholder process to generate and publish consensus recommendations on the management of toxicities associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC). Efforts like these will benefit clinicians and translational researchers by improving the understanding of side effects resulting from cancer immunotherapy treatments, and tie to our other Cancer Immunotherapy Guidelines and recommendations, including the combination immunotherapies white paper and Immune Biomarkers Task Force white papers.

These are just a few recent examples of SITC meetings and initiatives that impact the field receiving both scientific and popular press support and attention. We look forward to finding new and innovative ways for SITC and our members to continue leading the way in cancer immunotherapy research.

Best wishes,


Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD

SITC President


Mark your calendars to attend SITC's spring workshops, to be held in San Francisco, CA. Registration will open soon.

Cancer Immune Responsiveness Workshop – May 14-15, 2018
This workshop promises to be a dynamic and lively opportunity to help determine which questions in cancer cell biology must be answered in order to understand patterns of immune interaction between the host and cancers of different ontology. Topics slated for discussion include the role of the host's genetic background and/or environmental modifiers in cancer immune biology, the role of adaptive versus innate immune mechanisms in initiating immune activation, and the development of improved in vivo models for screening therapeutic strategies.

Over the course of the two-day workshop, participants will attend five didactic sessions, each followed by an interactive panel discussion, and later split into working groups tasked with refining and prioritizing key questions identified. By contributing to defining pivotal questions in cancer immune responsiveness/resistance, participants will help deepen understanding of the cancer biology that orchestrates distinct immune landscapes, and help move the field towards improved therapeutic strategies.

Following the workshop, the SITC Cancer Immune Responsiveness Task Force will convene five working groups, incorporating workshop attendees, to address these key questions in the years ahead.

Learn more about this workshop here, and keep your eyes open for a 'registration now open' announcement coming soon.

Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers: State of the Art – May 16-17, 2018
SITC will have representation from academia, clinical medicine, government, industry and others in the cancer immunotherapy community to drive discussion during the Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers: State of the Art workshop, which runs back-to-back with the Cancer Immune Responsiveness Workshop (above).

The Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers workshop will identify the next steps for action in immunotherapy biomarker development. It will provide a forum for energetic discussion about the collaborative efforts across several societies and consortia, make progress on identification and analysis of novel biomarkers, and tackle data analysis and specimen sharing. The final session will bring together representatives from the fields of immune-oncology research, infectious disease, autoimmune disease and cell biology to discuss opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration to advance biomarker development.

Panel discussions following each didactic presentation will allow all participants to contribute to the conversation, and to shape the innovative collaborations, next projects and other outputs that the SITC Immune Biomarkers Task Force will incorporate over the next several years.

Learn more about this workshop here and join us to advance the conversation!


Attend a regional introductory immunotherapy education program in your area and earn CME, CNE, and CPE credits. Find an Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy™ program location near you and visit our site for details about the programs and how to register.

• Feb. 9, 2018 – Durham, NCaci17-cmyk.png
• Feb. 24, 2018 – Charleston, SC
• March 3, 2018 – Dallas, TX
• March 10, 2018 – Miami, FL
• March 24, 2018 – Buffalo, NY

Science, Research & Publications


JITC_logo.pngNow through March 2, 2018, JITC welcomes submissions on the topics of Emerging Immunotherapeutic Agents, New Regulatory Approvals in Cancer Immunotherapy, and Challenges in Clinical Management. Articles submitted will be reviewed for publication within a dedicated thematic series, providing even greater opportunity for your research to reach cancer immunotherapy leaders and administrators throughout the world. 

Full details and submission guidelines may be found here.


A report from the final "Hot Topic" session of the SITC 2017 Annual Meeting is now available on SITC CONNECT. This session, entitled Advancing the Field: Can Physics and Mathematics Impact the Development of Tumor Immunotherapy? brought together leading experts in tumor immunology, applied mathematics and theoretical physics to explore how knowledge from these disciplines can be assimilated to advance tumor immunotherapy. The goals of this cross-functional session were to define some of the most important questions in immune-oncology and to identify how the emerging fields of "immuno-physics" and "immuno-mathematics" can drive progress in understanding tumor immunology and immunotherapy.

Read a summary of the session, as well as the panel Q&A, here.
A webcast of the session is also available here.



2017 was an exciting year for critical breakthroughs in the field of cancer immunotherapy research and SITC played a pivotal role in leading the way! As a SITC member, you join a collaborative global network of scientists, clinicians, academicians, patient advocates and industry leaders who are revolutionizing the future of cancer care and bringing us closer to a cure.

Join or renew to take advantage of member benefits including:

There hasn't been a better time to be a SITC member!



Thank you to those who joined the society in the month of December. If you are a SITC member, please welcome the following new members by sending a message of congratulations through the SITC CONNECT Member Directory.

Bilqees Akhtar, MS, MPH

Joaquina C. Baranda, MD

Pia Baumann, MD, PhD

Frank Borriello, MD, PhD

Michelle S. Buluran, RN

Sanjay Chandrasekaran, MD

Peter Georgiev

Jaymee Grape, RN

James D. Ham

Tobias A.W. Holderried

Weidong Huang, PhD

Rowena Jeves, RN

David M. Miller, MD, PhD

M. Cecilia Monge B., MD

Su Youn Nam, MD, PhD
Nandakumar Packiriswamy, PhD
Scott Rowlinson, PhD
Kit Russell, BS
Igor Rybkin, MD, PhD
Arvind Sivasubramanian
Karen Skinner, PhD
Johnny T. Stine, CSO
Giselle A. Suero-Abreu, MD, PhD
Czarina Marie S. Villanueva, RN
Bei Wang, PhD
Paul Wood, BSc
Chueh-Chuan Yen, MD, PhD


Forward Fund


The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) Fellowship award program was established through the Forward Fund to cultivate the next generation of cancer immunotherapy experts by supporting the development of young investigators in the field. Since 2014, SITC has committed more than $1 million in fellowship awards to deserving young investigators. 

SITC is pleased to announce three new fellowships in 2018:

  • SITC-Bristol-Myers Squibb Postdoctoral Cancer Immunotherapy Translational Fellowship Award
    - Two Years, $200,000
  • SITC-AstraZeneca Postdoctoral Cancer Immunotherapy in Combination Therapies Clinical Fellowship Award
    - One Year, $100,000
  • SITC-Merck Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Fellowship Award
    - One Year, $100,000

For more information on the 2018 fellowships click here.


Contributions to the Forward Fund in 2017 helped to support 88 early career scientists as they pursued critical new discoveries to advance the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Because of your generosity, we also met the $300,000 challenge grant and launched the inaugural Sparkathon. Please accept our sincere gratitude for helping to make these important milestones possible.

If you did not get an opportunity to make your gift in 2017, we welcome you to make your gift today as we continue our commitment to make cancer immunotherapy a standard of care - and CURE a reality for patients everywhere! 

Giovanni Abbadessa
Ulrika B. Abrahamsson
Estuardo Aguilar
Anna Ajeskog
Srinivas Akkaraju
Ivy Altomare
Amazon Smile
Amgen Inc.
Athanasia Anognostou, MS, MBA
Christina M. Annunziata, MD PhD
Jennifer Antonucci
Osvaldo Aren, MD
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AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Kate Augustine
Johana Austria, NP
Steve Averbuch
Shara Avis
Joseph Baar, MD, PhD
Karen Bagwell
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Reva Basho
Andrea Basso-Porcaro, PhD
Riyue Bao, PhD
John W. Beadle, MBBCH
Davide Bedognetti MD, PhD
Darlene Beltran, MBA
Yong Ben, MD
Soumaya Bendahmane
Adrian Benjamin
Jonathan Benjamin, MD, PhD
Christopher Berardi
Tara Berman
Chantale Bernatchez, PhD
Elmer Bernstam
Dhara Bhagat
Nina Bhardwaj MD, PhD
William A. Biermann, MD, MBA, FACP
Praveen K. Bommareddy, MS, BS
Heather Bonsiero
Mark L. Bonyhadi, PhD
Andrew Boone, MBA
Hossein Borghaei, MS, DO
Deb Braccia
Kerry Bradley
Silke Brandt-Schmidt
Robert Braun
Michael J. Briskin, PhD
Dirk G. Brockstedt, PhD
Andrew S. Brohl, MD
Joseph Brougham, PharmD
Beatrice A. Brunkhorst, PhD
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Thomas A. Buchholz, MD FACR FASTRO
Ian Buell
Michaeline Bunting
Jonathon Burch, PharmD
Joseph Burgents, PhD
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Melissa Burgess, MD
Beth Burnett
Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD
Martin Butzal
Neil Canavan
Ana Carneiro, MD PhD
Omar Carranza
Peggy Carroll
Corey Carter
Marianne E. Casale, MSN, RN, AOCNS, CHPN
Eli Casdin
Henry Castro, MD
CEC Oncology
Alessandra Cesano, MD, PhD
Chanty Chan
Swapna Chandamuri
Deborah Charych, PhD
Gurkamal Chatta, MD
Martin A. Cheever, MD
Jonathan Chen
Adam Chervin, PhD
Ann Cheung, PhD
Helen Cho, PhD
Tara Chongsuwat
Olaf Christensen
Mary Christian
Joseph I. Clark, MD
Raphael Clynes, MD, PhD
Heather Cohen, PhD
Yael Cohen
Adriana Comprelli
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Garrett DeYulia, PhD
Mohanraj Dhanabal, PhD
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Reinhard Dummer, MD
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Diane Eckermann
Lisa Maria Eifler, RN, MA, MN, OCN
Peter Ellmark, PhD
Mohamed Elshawarby, BA
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