Ancillary Event

Ancillary Event

If an organization is interested hosting an event during the 38th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs (SITC 2023), carefully review the event policy and complete an ancillary event request form, with a non-refundable application fee.


SITC requires that all organizations interested in hosting an event during SITC 2023 (regardless of size, nature or location) respect the educational focus of SITC 2023 by completing an application and receiving SITC authorization.

Ancillary event space is available at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, San Diego Convention Center, Hilton San Diego Bayfront and the Omni San Diego Hotel. Ancillary event space is limited, will be released on a first-come, first-served basis, and priority will be given to previous year’s sponsors.

Ancillary Event Rental Rates


Multiple-day rental discounts available.

Room Size

1,001 sq. ft. or larger



700 – 1,000 sq. ft.



Under 700 sq. ft. or less



Ancillary Event Definition and Policy Dates

An ancillary event is any function held adjunct to a SITC meeting by a group other than SITC.

This policy shall be in effect for the day prior to the start of the first educational event through the last SITC programmed activity. For SITC 2023, Oct. 31–Nov. 5, 2023.

Third Party Planners

The host organization will be held responsible for the activities of any third-party agency appointed on its behalf. It is the responsibility of the host organization to disseminate the rules and regulations for SITC 2023 ancillary events among its staff and affiliates. Any violations by a third party will be considered a violation by the company.

Types of Ancillary Events

If a host organization is found to violate the rules governing ancillary events or misrepresents the type of event submitted (e.g., requests a social reception and holds a sponsored symposia), the event will be immediately terminated, and the group may be restricted from holding ancillary events at future SITC Annual Meetings.

  • Advisory Board Meetings: A small gathering of corporate board members, which may also include some related experts in the field for discussion

  • Focus Group: A small gathering of people selected to participate in a moderated discussion to elicit feedback or perceptions on a specific topic or area of interest

  • Hospitality Suite: A corporate or social function taking place in a hotel suite

  • Investigator Meetings/Industry Updates: A closed (invitation only) meeting of participating and potential participating investigators concerning clinical trials, either in progress or proposed

  • Investor Meetings: A small gathering for corporate investors

  • Committee Meetings: A group of people appointed for a specific function by a larger group and typically consists of members of that group

Hospitality Desks: SITC does not allow information/welcome desks in public spaces of the San Diego Convention Center and other official SITC headquarter hotels. Hospitality desks are also not permitted in lobbies of any official SITC hotels.
  • Internal Corporate Business Meetings: Internal sales, business, or staff meetings, limited in attendance to 30 or less, and are closed to other SITC Annual Meeting attendees

  • Office: A room used by corporate staff to conduct business during the meeting. Planned meetings in offices that include meeting attendees are prohibited during SITC’s Annual Meeting and Pre-Conference Programs

  • Social Event: Receptions, dinners, alumni events, reunions, specialty groups or other hospitality events where there is no educational/scientific program presented. These may be restricted to times not conflicting with SITC’s 38th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs.

Hospitality Registration Desks

One (1) 6 ft. draped table is permitted directly outside of the assigned meeting room with one sign no larger than 22’’x 28’’. Registration desks are permitted outside of the assigned space one hour before the start of the approved ancillary event.

Ancillary Event Application

SITC requires all organizations that wish to hold functions of any size or nature during the policy dates, to submit an ancillary event request form for each individual event. A $200 non-refundable application fee is required for each application. No applications for ancillary events will be considered without an application fee. The application fee is not included in room rental fee.

The deadline for ancillary event applications is Friday, September 8, 2023. Event applications submitted after the deadline of Friday, Saturday, 8, 2023, will be considered as space allows, and incur an increased application fee of $300.

Suggested Event Times

To limit disruptions to SITC meeting attendees, ancillary events are suggested to be scheduled during breaks (including breakfast, lunch and longer session breaks of 30 minutes or more), after the conclusion of the last educational session of the day (some restrictions apply), or two or more days prior to the start of the first educational session. SITC reserves the right to deny applications that compete with designated SITC leadership activities, plenary and breakout sessions, keynote addresses, SITC membership business meeting, awards ceremony, receptions and other times as needed for the business of SITC.

Ancillary event space is available for use on a daily and per-meeting basis. SITC-approved events will be assigned to a room based upon the group's preferences outlined in the ancillary event application. The fee applies to event space at the San Diego Convention Center and other official SITC hotels. The venue will not charge a room rental fee. The host organization is responsible for the planning and all costs associated with the ancillary event, including food and beverage, audio-visual equipment service, hotel labor costs, etc. SITC is not responsible for payment of any services connected with the event and no authority of any fees required by the venue. SITC will invoice accepted events based on the Ancillary Event Rental Rates chart.

Multiple-day rental discounts are available for those renting a meeting space for three or more consecutive days.  Restrictions apply. Contact for more information.

Function Space

Ancillary event applications will be reviewed weekly and approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow 7-10 business days for receipt of confirmation and meeting room assignment. Submitting an application does not guarantee assignment. Upon approval, SITC will provide a listing of hotel/venue contacts and the group will work directly with the assigned property to plan the event.

Please do not contact the hotel/venue before you receive event approval. Groups must abide by the SITC event policy as listed. Any groups found contracting directly with the convention center or official hotels without prior consent from SITC or are in violation of other event policies may lose their event space or jeopardize the ability to hold future functions in conjunction with the SITC Annual Meeting. Group waives any rights to claims of damages arising out of the enforcement of these guidelines.

SITC reserves the right to change meeting space assignments to benefit the conference. Changes will be communicated in writing and comparable space will be assigned.


Damage to Function Space

The host organization agrees to pay for any damage to the function space that occurs while the host is using it. The host organization will not be responsible, however, for ordinary wear and tear or for damage that it can show was caused by persons other than the group and its meeting attendees.


All names, marks, brands, logos, designs, trade dress, slogans, and other designations of SITC are the sole and exclusive property of SITC. Use of any SITC branding without SITC’s prior written permission is strictly prohibited, except for use of SITC’s name as required in the disclaimer for signage and in other materials associated with ancillary events.

SITC allows the opportunity to purchase opt-in attendee mailing lists for pre and post marketing for each meeting. Only mailing information will be provided; phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses are not available for purchase. The lists are sold for a one-time use only. Samples of the mailing (including invitations to ancillary events) must be submitted and approved by SITC prior to an organization receiving the list. SITC strongly encourages organizations to submit their samples early to allow for adequate production and mail time. For more information on membership and attendee mailing lists and/or to purchase a mailing list, please contact the SITC office or e-mail



Signage for ancillary events is not permitted in public spaces of the meeting venue except for inside and immediately outside of the designated room that the event is to occur. Meeting signage may NOT include the SITC name, logo, or name of the SITC meeting. In addition, no marketing pieces, invitations, communications of any kind, advertising, or other written or spoken descriptions of the event may use the SITC name or logo, or otherwise suggest or imply that SITC has endorsed or sponsored the event.

  • The following statement must be included on all advertisements, marketing pieces, invitations, meeting materials, etc. for the event: “Not an official event of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer”
  • The name of the SITC meeting, “SITC 2023” or “SITC's 38th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs”, may be mentioned one time in each communication for identification purposes, in a reasonably-sized, neutral font
  • SITC or the name of the SITC meeting may not be part of a title or heading of the ancillary event, be prominently featured, or listed first in print materials
  • SITC slide templates, color schemes, logos, meeting graphics or other means of confusing the event with an SITC-sponsored event may not be used.


On-Site Applications

All organizations interested in hosting an ancillary event while on-site must adhere to the SITC Ancillary event Policy by completing an ancillary event application, and submitting a non-refundable application fee of $300. Applications submitted on site during SITC 2023 (Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2023), require immediate follow up with SITC staff. Visit the on-site SITC registration desk, or call the SITC office (414) 271-2456. SITC will then determine whether the proposed activity appears to meet SITC standards and requirements and will notify the applicant via email if the event has been approved. Upon approval, SITC will release and assign meeting space for the requested event. From this point forward, the organization will work directly with the venue to plan the event. Ancillary event space is limited, will be released on a first-come first-served basis, and priority will be given to previous year’s sponsors.


The ancillary event application fee is non-refundable. Rental fees, less a $250 cancellation fee will be returned if the event is cancelled on or before Friday, Sept. 8, 2023. No refunds will be issued after this date. Refunds will be processed in the same form from which the payment was received. Please note that cancelling your event with the venue does not automatically cancel your event with SITC. Please notify SITC if your event has been cancelled.


All matters and questions not covered in the above policy are subject to the discretion of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. These policies may be amended at any time by SITC and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties. In the event of any amendment or addition to these guidelines, written notice will be given by SITC to such parties.

For all activities, the group will take full responsibility for the event or meeting and hold harmless the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, its officers, agents, contractors and employees from any and all liability and costs associated with the activity. By completing the online request form, SITC is released from any and all liability.

Questions? Please contact SITC at (414) 271 2456 or