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Press Releases


First Kidney Cancer Treatment Guideline Published Focused on Immunotherapy
November 15, 2016

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Leads Discussion on how to Define the Value of Cancer Immunotherapy
November 14, 2016

Key scientific highlights from the 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer
November 13, 2016

Cutting-Edge Research on Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs and Combinations Presented at SITC 2016
November 10, 2016

Cancer Immunotherapy gets "CONNECTED" Through SITC's Innovative Community-Based Website
November 3, 2016

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer to Convene 31st Annual Meeting
November 2, 2016

SITC Presidential Award Winner – David Clever – Published in Journal Cell
August 30, 2016

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Announces New Funding Opportunity for Cancer Immunotherapy Translational Fellowship
August 1, 2016

SITC launches new Initiative Non-small cell lung cancer immunotherapy: Advancing hope
July 29, 2016

SITC to Host Virtual Cancer Moonshot Summit
June 28, 2016

SITC Announces Validation of Global Immune Biomarker Study
June 5, 2016

SITC Offering Fellowships Nearing $300,000 to Support Next Generation of Cancer Immunotherapy Researchers
February 11, 2016


SITC among First to Address Value Proposition of Cancer Immunotherapy
November 8, 2015

Preliminary Results from Phase I/II Study of Epacadostat in Combination with Pembrolizumab Demonstrates 53% Overall Response Rate across a Number of Cancer Types
November 6, 2015

FDA Approves First-in-Class Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Melanoma
October 27, 2015

SITC Expands Global Reach, Elects Key Opinion Leaders to the Board
October 21, 2015

Expanded FDA Approval of Nivolumab: Game-Changing for Lung Cancer Patients and the Cancer Immunotherapy Field
October 15, 2015

New Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Offers Hope to Patients, SITC Reacts
October 2, 2015

SITC Celebrates U.S. Food & Drug Administration Approval of First Combination Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer
October 1, 2015

SITC Brings Immunotherapy Perspective, Leaders in the Field to Commission on Cancer
August 17, 2015

SITC Reacts to Approval of Pembrolizumab for Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma in Europe
July 27, 2015

Approval of Nivolumab for Treatment of Advanced Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Brings New Hope to Patients in Europe
July 27, 2015

SITC Reacts to EMA Approval of Nivolumab for Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
June 29, 2015

SITC Announces Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Fellowship Award Recipient
June 15, 2015

Immunotherapy Insights and Data Featured at ASCO Plenary Session
May 31, 2015

Late-Breaking Immunotherapy Abstract Session Attracts 6,000 Attendees at ASCO
May 30, 2015

Study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology reports talimogene laherparepvec improves durable responses in patients with advanced melanoma
May 28, 2015

FDA Approval of Nivolumab Life Changing for Patients, Paradigm Shifting for the Cancer Immunotherapy Field
March 6, 2015

SITC, Merck to Support Innovative Cancer Immunotherapy Research
January 26, 2015


SITC Leaders Weigh in on New Research Published in Nature
December 12, 2014

SITC Abstracts Now Available
November 6, 2014

Novel Strategies for Combining Cancer Immunotherapies Highlighted at SITC 2014
November 4, 2104

Immunologic Treatments for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Show Promise in Clinical Trials
November 4, 2104

SITC Reacts to FDA Approval of First PD-1 Blocking Drug for Melanoma
September 5, 2014

ASCO 2014 Concludes with Additional Promising Data for the Future of Cancer Immunotherapy
June 3, 2014

More Promising Cancer Immunotherapy Data Released at ASCO for the Treatment of Patients with Melanoma and Cervical Cancer
June 2, 2014

Data Presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting Expands the Field of Cancer Immunotherapy to Treat New Cancer Types
June 1, 2014

New Video Delves into the Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trials for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
May 15, 2014


New Cancer Immunotherapy Fellowship Award Announced at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting
November 9, 2013

Don't Miss Key Scientific Meetings Covering the Major Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy
October 24, 2013

SITC Consensus Statement Provides a Road Map for Treating Melanoma Patients with Cancer Immunotherapy
August 27, 2013

SITC President Part of Team Reaching Bach2 in Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment
July 1, 2013

Additional Data Released at ASCO Annual Meeting Shows More Promising Results
for Immunotherapy as a Treatment Option in Melanoma

June 2, 2013

Melanoma Patients Receive Promising News Regarding Cancer Immunotherapy
Combination Treatment

June 1, 2013

FDA Review in Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Offers New Insights into Cancer Immunotherapy Product Development & Clinical Evaluation
May 30, 2013

SITC Members Participate in Rally for Medical Research to Support Cancer Immunotherapy
April 8, 2013

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Leads Worldwide Task Force to Validate Immunoscore as a new Component for the Classification of Colon Cancer
March 28, 2013

OPTiM Trial Results are First Positive Phase 3 OncologicalVirus Cancer Immunotherapy Study in Melanoma
March 22, 2013


Recent Discoveries in Cancer Immunotherapy Research Offer New Hope for Cancer Patients
October 25, 2012

SITC Leaders Publish Landmark Studies on New Cancer Immunotherapeutics
June 2, 2012


Researchers Honored at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 26th Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony
November 7, 2011

New research on immune based therapies for cancer presented at the SITC 26th Annual Meeting & Associated Programs
November 4, 2011

FDA Approves Ipilimumab, Major Breakthrough in Cancer Immunotherapy
March 25, 2011


NIH Awards Major Funding to Support "Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network"
October 4, 2010

Leading Cancer Immunotherapy Scientists and Research Teams Honored at iSBTc Annual Meeting
October 4, 2010

Major Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy Highlighted at Key Scientific Meetings in Washington, D.C.
September 23, 2010

Cancer Immunotherapies Coming of Age 
June 8, 2010

Immunotherapy Breakthrough for Cancer Patient Treatment 
June 6, 2010

FDA Approval of New Prostate Treatment Shows Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy 
April 29, 2010

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