Mr. David Wolfgang

Tulane University School of Public Health

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Tulane University School of Public Health


My work life is taking on an academic direction in the form of medical writing. To me medical writing is more than a basic summary of ongoing advances/discoveries in cancer immunotherapy research. Within the vast literature there are points of insight on cancer mechanisms that show through many articles but are not at first evident. They become apparent in the proper context which makes the field of cancer immunotherapy on the verge of uncovering solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients. I also equate this effort to the reduction of morbidity/mortality as it pertains to aging and the role of cancer vaccines, for example, or to the use of targeted immunotherapy at the molecular level. Translation of findings will take on a more decisive meaning once there is a clear path in how the underlying immunological mechanisms of antitumor effects can better be understood with respect to emergent therapies.