Mr. Stan Krulewicz, MA


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I am a Global Medical Affairs Clinical Sr. Director with a 25-year portfolio of success driving global medical affairs, clinical development projects, and clinical research for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organizations.

Among my most notable qualifications, are my:

* Broad drug development expertise across CNS disorders such as epilepsy, migraine, movement disorders, psychiatry, traumatic brain injury; cardiovascular diseases including angina and congestive heart failure; and hematologic malignancies including leukemias and lymphomas.

* Proven ability to provide scientific support for late-stage medicine development and approved medicines to ensure evidence-based development decisions.

* Award-winning capabilities in developing and facilitating educational training programs.

* Sharp strategic planning, leadership, interpersonal, technical, research, analytical, and issue & crisis management skills.

* Credentials: Master of Arts in Biochemistry; prolific author of peer-reviewed medical journal abstracts, presentations, and scientific posters.

Top 5 Strengths Finder Themes: Harmony, Consistency, Achiever, Analytical, Responsibility