About SITC Volunteer Portal

Volunteers are integral to the success of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC). The SITC Volunteer Portal easily captures and displays all of the society's current volunteer opportunities.

The ideal SITC member volunteer life cycle starts with small tasks and virtual participation and progresses to committee and leadership positions.

With this new portal, we encourage volunteerism at all levels by using an intuitive system that makes it easy to define roles, post volunteer positions, track participation and reward engagement.

Opting In to the SITC Volunteer Pool
Joining the SITC volunteer pool means you are interested in learning about future society volunteer opportunities.

Opt in to the SITC volunteer pool with a simple click. Upon opting into the pool, you will receive email alerts as soon as a new opportunity becomes available that matches your qualifications and interests. As new opportunities come up, you'll be the first to learn about them. Once opted in, you can suspend your opt-in request at any time. Just set the Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my expertise? Toggle from 'Yes to 'No' on your volunteer profile to no longer receive invitations.

Click here to opt in to the SITC volunteer pool.

Your SITC Volunteer Profile
Completing your SITC volunteer profile will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities would be of interest to you. You can also opt out of receiving any future communications about opportunities from your volunteer profile.

Complete your SITC volunteer profile so we can match you with future volunteer opportunities for which you are both qualified and interested.

Open Opportunities
Check out and consider volunteering for the opportunities now open! The full listing of volunteer postings is available through the SITC Volunteer Portal.

Contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We hope you find the system simple and easy to use.