SITC Immunoscore Validation Project: Key Information Release

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (“SITC” or “the Society”) is pleased to announce a Key Information Release for the SITC Immunoscore Validation Project. In order to help move the Immunoscore assay into the clinic and ultimately to benefit patients with cancer, key information will be distributed to qualified entities upon request.

Information for Release

Under this release, detailed methodology used to calculate the Immunoscore will be shared including:

  • Values of validated cut-points used to calculate the individual scores for each marker
  • Method and values for grouping patients into Immunoscore classes
  • Density distributions for the hotspots and regions of interest for the entire cohort as well as each center
  • Inter-laboratory precision for density measures and Immunoscore assessment
  • Quality criteria used to qualify laboratories

Evaluation Criteria

In accordance with the interest of the Society, guidelines have been developed governing the release of this data and information. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • The overall focus/specialty of the represented entity is consistent with the overall goals of the SITC Immunoscore Validation Project.
  • The represented entity demonstrates a proven ability to develop diagnostic assays in the oncology setting.

The determination of whether these criteria are met will be at the sole discretion of the Society. The Society retains all rights to withhold the data/information from any person or entity for any reason, without regard to whether these criteria are deemed by the Society to have been met.

In addition to these criteria, a non-disclosure agreement that includes release and indemnification provisions will be required prior to the release of any information.

Information Request Form

In order to be eligible to receive this information, please fill out the online Information Request Form. Information Request Forms will be accepted until July 5, 2016. The application period for the Key Information Release has closed. If you would still like to submit a request after this deadline or find out more information, please email


The Immunoscore project is a collaborative effort comprised of international experts and data from medical centers worldwide. SITC has acted solely as a facilitator in this project and is furnishing this information "as is".

1. No Warranties or Representations

The data and information designated for release will be furnished “as is.”  SITC makes no warranties or representations, expressed, implied or otherwise, regarding the accuracy, completeness or performance of the information provided in this release, or of the data and information referred to herein.

2. Release from Liability

SITC accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of the data and information released.  All recipients will be required to release SITC from any and all liability related to or arising from use of the data and information.

3. No Licenses Granted

The Immunoscore® is a trademark of INSERM (2012-08-10). Various patent applications and patents have been filed and/or granted in jurisdictions throughout the world covering methods and materials related to prognosis and/or response to cancer therapeutics, including the clinical use of immune-oncology biomarkers, the Immunoscore concept and method, and gene expression signatures.  NO LICENSE or other right to use under any copyright, trademark right, patent right, or any other property right, is granted or otherwise transferred or conveyed by the release of this data and information referred to herein.

For questions regarding the key information release, please email or call (414) 271-2456. To learn more about the SITC Immunoscore Validation Project, please visit here.