SU2C-SITC Convergence Scholar Award 4

SU2C Convergence Research Team: Correlating Immunological Health to Cancer Susceptibility

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Team Leader

Mark Davis, PhD
Stanford University

Team Members

Stephen Quake, PhD
Stanford University
Thomas Montine, MD, PhD
Stanford University
Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD
Stanford University
David Furman, PhD
Stanford University

Project Summary

A preliminary analysis of over 450 adults showed that the immune response to influenza vaccine may be correlated with cancer susceptibility. In a small subset of elderly subjects who received the influenza vaccine, subjects with less robust immune response were more likely to develop and succumb to cancer. This team will correlate the varying immune cell (T- and B-cell populations) repertoires in individual patients with cancer susceptibility, comparing the results to a separate cohort of patients who are immune deficient. Even partial success could lead to testable signatures for cancer prediction.

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