SITC-SU2C Convergence Scholar Awards

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The Society for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (SITC) is excited to offer young investigators a series of fellowship award opportunities through a new collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

Early career scientists can now apply to any of the following four SU2C-SITC Convergence Scholar Awards to receive training in physical and biomedical sciences to better understand the immune system’s response to cancer.

Deadline to apply: Sept. 28, 2018  

The Scholar Awards will team postdoctoral fellows with leading experts in the fields of life and physical sciences, mathematics and engineering. The overall goal of this SITC and SU2C collaboration is to create a new type of researcher – the convergence investigator – who is trained to recognize and include all relevant scientific knowledge, no matter the specialty. The SU2C-SITC collaboration will help train young scientists in both biomedical and physical science approaches that heavily contribute towards development of novel immunotherapeutic approaches.  

One additional Scholar Award will become available as part of the SU2C Convergence initiative, with the application date to be announced in the near future.


Details vary by project and institution, but the following applies to each opportunity
  • Full-time, multi-year commitment
  • Salary commensurate with experience and applicable policies
  • Fellowship will take place at either the Team Lead's institution or a partner institution
  • Additional eligibility criteria are determined by the Team Leads and host institutions

Application Requirements

To apply to a SU2C-SITC Convergence Scholar Award, send your CV, cover letter and two letters of support to Please indicate the team to which you are applying. 

Cover Letter

This document should state briefly:

  • A description of your past research accomplishments, as well as your current and future research interests
  • Your interest in participating in the SU2C-SITC Convergence Team and your qualifications related to the Team's focus and scope (as determined by the Team Leader)

Letters of Support

Two Letters of Recommendation

The letters should be from the program director, division or department chair or supervisor, sponsoring the candidate for their participation in the SU2C-SITC Convergence Scholars Program. The letters must clearly present:

  • The career objectives of the applicant toward cancer immunotherapy research
  • Candidate’s role and academic appointment
  • Qualities, skills, and other attributes that demonstrate the applicant’s propensity for success in participating in the SU2C-SITC Convergence Scholars Program.

Candidates Curriculum Vitae

The CV must include a history of applicant’s training, publications and full disclosure of all grants or awards currently received or pending.