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Workshop on Cancer Biometrics: Identifying Biomarkers and Surrogates of Cancer in Patients 

04-23-2018 10:20

Published in the Journal of Immunotherapy is a meeting report on the 2003 Workshop on Cancer Biometrics held by The International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer. This workshop was designed to discuss the state of the art in identification of biomarkers and surrogates of tumor in patients with cancer, with particular emphasis on assays within the blood and tumor. 

Authors: Michael T. Lotze, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Marincola, Nabil Hanna, Peter J. Bugelski, Christine A. Burns, George Coukos, Nitin Damle, Tony E. Godfrey, W. Martin Howell, Monica C. Panelli, Michael A. Perricone, Emanuel F. Petricoin, Guido Sauter, Carmen Scheibenbogen, Steven C. Shivers, D. Lansing Taylor, John N. Weinstein, and Theresa L. Whiteside

J Immunother 2005;28:79–119


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